Here is an example of a new modular home being built. From the empty lot to a fully completed home, the time to construct the home is significantly shorter than that require for a site-built home. Since the construction is largely done in an enclosed factory, the construction conditions are controlled, and the quality is consistently high.

Construction Foundation.jpg (185713 bytes) Construction Module 1.jpg (210667 bytes) Construction Module 1b.jpg (55445 bytes)

Construction Module 3a.jpg (171372 bytes)

Foundation laid in Module 1 located  Module 1 aligned
Module 3 placed
Construction Module 3b.jpg (160689 bytes) Construction Module 4.jpg (159358 bytes) Construction Wrapped.jpg (52802 bytes)

construction complete.jpg (49472 bytes)

Module 3 aligned Module 4 placed

All modules wrapped!


Each module is built in a controlled environment. To exacting conditions. To high engineering standards insure superior strength. They are placed and integrated in a matter of hours. Final steps ensure that your home is appointed and completed to your custom specifications. A few weeks of site completion work and your home is appointed to your custom specifications.

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